Crisis Shelters

Our crisis shelters are for the young and people that are vulnerable. The minimum stay at our shelter is three days. The shelters are private accommodations and you may request care support workers if needed. 24/7 Care support workers are mandatory for young people under the age of 18.

360° Home

Our 360° homes are designed specifically for young people in child protection with a valid NDIS plan and under the age of 18 who cannot live at home, residential house, kinship, or foster homes. Our 360° homes aims to provide young NDIS participants with a stable accommodation with 24/7 support while also implementing and working towards their NDIS Goals.

With all accommodation needs, we will work with you to establish an accommodation suited to your needs, including your area of choice. Email is monitored 24/7. Please email housing@carelegion.com.au for more information

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